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Argentina and Uruguay have colonized Pluto
The presidents of Argentina and Uruguay held a joint press conference today where they publically di... read more
Yonsalad makes a run for it
Interplanetarily wanted criminal Yonsalad today sent a message to the press that she is now leaving ... read more
More secret bases found on Pluto and Charon
The unmanned craft orbiting Pluto that found the secret Uruguayan military base on Pluto last week h... read more
Moon Pimp bans Uruguayans in response to Pluto base
Moon Pimp has said he will not wait for the UN sanctions to take effect. Effective immediately Urugu... read more
President of Uruguay speaks out on Pluto military base
The President of Uruguay in a live TV address today explained that he did indeed authorized the secr... read more
Pluto base is Uruguayan, not Argentine
The mysterious military base on Pluto that was identified as Argentine a few days ago is in fact Uru... read more
Governor of Titania found dead
The Governor of Titania was found dead this morning. Police have ruled the death a suicide and have ... read more
More deadly penile explosions on Mars
Since we reported on a new wave of penile explosions on Mars a few days ago there have been several ... read more
Yonsalad announces retirement
Infamous space pirate Yonsalad who was recently made the target of a joint military operation with t... read more
King Bob of Io jails opponents of renaming Io.
King Bob of Io has imprisoned a number of people who have continued to call Io Io instead of its new... read more
Syphilis outbreak on Lapetus
A recent syphilis outbreak on the Saturn moon of Lapetus has been traced back to a prostitute from M... read more
Widow of man killed by Moon Pimp plans to sue
The widow of the man killed by Moon Pimp last week says she is talking to a lawyer about filing a wr... read more
Yonsalad most wanted person in the solar system
Enough is enough say authorities. Yonsalad, infamous space pirate, must be stopped at all cost. She ... read more
Yonsalad strikes again
Yonsalad robbed a mining base on Ceres this morning just after most of the miners had left for work.... read more
Mysterious Pluto base belongs to Argentina
The mysterious Pluto military base found on Pluto a few days ago belongs to Argentina say mission co... read more
Martian penile explosions are back
In 1994 Mars was shocked by a deadly wave of penile explosions. Hundreds of men suffered deadly peni... read more
Martian disco queen to release new album
Sibongile Mugabe who served as dictator president of Mars for many years, or Marsalina Valentina as ... read more
King Bob I of Io renames Io Bob
King Bob I of Io has now officially renamed the Jovian moon Io which he rules after himself. The res... read more
New Zaporozhets this fall on Mars
35 years after the first Zaporozhets rolled off the Martian Zaporozhets factory resulting in the fam... read more
Mercury walker dies
Just a few days after Julio Axolotlos' record breaking Mercury walk his record of 24 kilometers has ... read more

Kenner, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Looking west behind the Hilton where no airlines fly other than yellow copters it was 10:00 am in the morning and on the break of dark clouds. My cust...

Kenner, Louisiana, Dark Object UFO Sighting - I saw what looked like a stealth bomber. No lights no sound the color of the sky yet visible as it blocked out the stars as it glides by. Moving like ...

New Orleans, Louisiana, Orb UFO Sighting - I saw three orange orbs on summer solstice 2016 during galactical alignment. They were changing speeds in and out and making triangles up and down....

Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Orb UFO Sighting - I saw a white orb kind of like a plane in the sky but it was not moving at all. It disappeared and then re appeared. Than it disappeared again and sta...

Covington, Louisiana, Triangular Object UFO Sighting - Triangular metallic object, not very big... 1000 ft hovering over Emerald Forest Blvd.. Then silently came towards us and over the roof.. While in mot...

Eros, Louisiana, Craft UFO Sighting - It was around 1981, or 1982, we were living in Eros, Louisiana, it was night time and my husband and I were in our living room when we saw bright ligh...

Kenner, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I see things at all hours of the night in the sky from Kenner LA....

Kenner, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Disc hovering above Lake Pontchartrain around 2:00 am. The disc had green lights and in less than a second ''took off'' to the west.. Never seen somet...

Ringgold, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I saw this thing behind a cloud yesterday on hwy 154 6 miles from Ringgold. I was waiting for the shadow to come out from behind the clouds and by the...

New Orleans, Louisiana, Lights UFO Sighting - I saw a UFO after leaving my house around 7:00/7:30. I noticed 3 green lights and 2 red. At first I thought it was a blimp but I could tell it wasn'...
08/22-2016 - 3 comments

Bossier City, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I've seen one several times now in the same general area which is making me think it could be something from BAFB. The UFO I'm talking about is being ...

Pineville, Louisiana, Lights UFO Sighting - I was driving home to Pineville last night and there were some very odd lights over the road as I was driving. There was a row of lights moving togeth...

Gretna, Louisiana, Abduction UFO Sighting - I was abducted by aliens on time in 1990. They looked like the picture I have submitted. People tell me I've see too many movies but I know this happe...

West Monroe, Louisiana, Row Of Lights UFO Sighting - I don't really know what to make of the lights we all saw last night. Eight bright lights moving across the sky in a neat row sometimes changing speed...

Kenner, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Disc in Kenner, LA this morning. I saw it at work along with several of my coworkers. I'm posting this from work. We saw the disc about 15 minutes ago...

Houma, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Well all those disc UFO sightings we've been hearing about, well I just saw one of those early this morning as I was about to go to work. I saw the di...
01/26-2016 - 3 comments

Slidell, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - I saw a strange object from my bedroom window one time in 2012. It was hovering outside the window and making a very slight hissing sound. It was the ...

Monroe, Louisiana, Bright Object UFO Sighting - A group of friends and I went to La Zaarre Park in the spring of 2009. I remember this clearly. It was around 2:00 pm and we were sitting on this picn...

Lake Charles, Louisiana, Water UFO Sighting - I was out in the swamps outside of town a few weeks ago and noticed bubbles coming out of the water. I thought it must be some kind of large swamp ani...
04/27-2015 - 1 comment

Shreveport, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - This UFO photo was submitted as a comment on an unrelated UFO sighting from Shreveport, Louisiana without explanation?...
03/29-2015 - 1 comment

Lafayette, Louisiana, Lights UFO Sighting - I saw strange light in the sky early this morning here in Lafayette. Did anyone else see them? Did anyone get a picture of it?...

Eunice, Louisiana, Lights UFO Sighting - There was an object as high as the stars with red blinking light and white and green lights it kept going up and down it just kept hovering no sound, ...

Metairie, Louisiana, Abduction UFO Sighting - In my early 20s I was being abducted by aliens on a regular basis. Based on what I can conclude it happened at least 10 times between 1981 and 1984. I...
01/18-2015 - 1 comment

Marrero, Louisiana, Orb UFO Sighting - I was living in Marrero, LA at the time right before I moved. I was sitting in my room listening to music, then I took the trash out through my backya...

Shreveport, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - One time in 2006 when I was in Shreveport to visit my brother I saw a UFO from his back yard. It was a shaped like a disc and flew real fast. It was q...

Carencro, Louisiana, Abduction UFO Sighting - One night I was sleep in the top bunk bed. I was resting really well and then I had this lift out the bed. It really sent in the outside air. There wa...

Highway 457 Close to LSUA, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I used to lived on hwy 457. One evening I went to Lecompte, I noticed a bright light in the sky over the fields flying the same way as me and going my...
04/21-2014 - 1 comment

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Oval Object UFO Sighting - A few weeks ago I was walking down the street with my dog when my dog just got crazy and starts howling and barking. I tried to get him to quiet down ...
03/24-2014 - 1 comment

New Orleans, Louisiana, Round Object UFO Sighting - I saw something today in the sky. It was white and round like a ball and it moved across the sky like a plane. Any other witnesses?...
03/08-2014 - 1 comment

Alexandria, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - The last thing I thought I'd ever see here in my front yard was a UFO. But I did. I can't deny it. I'm a terrible sleeper and one sleepless night I ju...

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