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Argentina and Uruguay have colonized Pluto
The presidents of Argentina and Uruguay held a joint press conference today where they publically di... read more
Yonsalad makes a run for it
Interplanetarily wanted criminal Yonsalad today sent a message to the press that she is now leaving ... read more
More secret bases found on Pluto and Charon
The unmanned craft orbiting Pluto that found the secret Uruguayan military base on Pluto last week h... read more
Moon Pimp bans Uruguayans in response to Pluto base
Moon Pimp has said he will not wait for the UN sanctions to take effect. Effective immediately Urugu... read more
President of Uruguay speaks out on Pluto military base
The President of Uruguay in a live TV address today explained that he did indeed authorized the secr... read more
Pluto base is Uruguayan, not Argentine
The mysterious military base on Pluto that was identified as Argentine a few days ago is in fact Uru... read more
Governor of Titania found dead
The Governor of Titania was found dead this morning. Police have ruled the death a suicide and have ... read more
More deadly penile explosions on Mars
Since we reported on a new wave of penile explosions on Mars a few days ago there have been several ... read more
Yonsalad announces retirement
Infamous space pirate Yonsalad who was recently made the target of a joint military operation with t... read more
King Bob of Io jails opponents of renaming Io.
King Bob of Io has imprisoned a number of people who have continued to call Io Io instead of its new... read more
Syphilis outbreak on Lapetus
A recent syphilis outbreak on the Saturn moon of Lapetus has been traced back to a prostitute from M... read more
Widow of man killed by Moon Pimp plans to sue
The widow of the man killed by Moon Pimp last week says she is talking to a lawyer about filing a wr... read more
Yonsalad most wanted person in the solar system
Enough is enough say authorities. Yonsalad, infamous space pirate, must be stopped at all cost. She ... read more
Yonsalad strikes again
Yonsalad robbed a mining base on Ceres this morning just after most of the miners had left for work.... read more
Mysterious Pluto base belongs to Argentina
The mysterious Pluto military base found on Pluto a few days ago belongs to Argentina say mission co... read more
Martian penile explosions are back
In 1994 Mars was shocked by a deadly wave of penile explosions. Hundreds of men suffered deadly peni... read more
Martian disco queen to release new album
Sibongile Mugabe who served as dictator president of Mars for many years, or Marsalina Valentina as ... read more
King Bob I of Io renames Io Bob
King Bob I of Io has now officially renamed the Jovian moon Io which he rules after himself. The res... read more
New Zaporozhets this fall on Mars
35 years after the first Zaporozhets rolled off the Martian Zaporozhets factory resulting in the fam... read more
Mercury walker dies
Just a few days after Julio Axolotlos' record breaking Mercury walk his record of 24 kilometers has ... read more

Burnsville, Minnesota, Bullet Shaped Object UFO Sighting - At 10:00 am I saw a UFO in Burnsville MN. The object was very bright white bullet shape with no wings or tail. It was about the size of a small car. I...

Albert Lea, Minnesota, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I canít be 100% positive it was an Alien UFO but I saw some sort of unidentified flying object at approx 2:17 am on June 7th 2021. It was shortly befo...

Starbuck, Minnesota, Unspecified UFO Sighting - Me and my family saw multiple UFOs this evening. One was moving in one direction stopped mid air and then turned around and started going the other wa...

Becker, Minnesota, Lights UFO Sighting - 8 pm 2/22/20 I was having a cigarette outside and saw a orange light like a fire in the sky moving low and fast with no sound....

Bellingham, Minnesota, Unspecified UFO Sighting - It was around 10:00 and me and my mom where hauling in our groceries. We had gotten lots of things at the store it was a starry night. Keep in mind th...

Lake Elmo, Minnesota, Shiny Object UFO Sighting - I have seen a shiny object near hwy 94 and Radio Drive and today same thing on 36 and 694. Its not a plane - anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?...

New Ulm, Minnesota, Lights UFO Sighting - Anomolies over New Ulm. Super sonic with bright lights tree top level. 2/6/2017. Hwy 29 w. 8pm...

Andover, Minnesota, Disc UFO Sighting - Whatever that glowing disc in the sky was last night I'm sure it wasn't made by humans. It was just so unlike anything I've ever seen. It was just pla...

Mankato, Minnesota, Disc UFO Sighting - In 1992 I was out in the woods hunting with some friends. As we were headed home a bright disc came flying in and stopped in the air a short distance ...

Burnsville, Minnesota, Disc UFO Sighting - In Burnsville, MN last night there was a glowing disc just like the ones that have been showing up everywhere else it seems. If this could happen in B...
02/17-2016 - 1 comment

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Disc UFO Sighting - I came to visit a friend one night who lives on Kiersten Pl. It was a nice and very quiet area. After dinner we decided to take a walk around the neig...
02/10-2016 - 4 comments

Saint Cloud, Minnesota, Animal Mutilation UFO Sighting - Last night I was up pretty late and I noticed bright light coming in through the window. I looked out and there was an almost blinding light in the sk...
02/01-2016 - 10 comments

Hopkins, Minnesota, Lights UFO Sighting - I was inside when I saw a red light coming at our house very far away. I went on the deck and told my girlfriend to get out of there. This sun-like ob...
11/03-2015 - 1 comment

Willow River, Minnesota, Oval Object UFO Sighting - I remember a strange phenomenon that happened quite a long time ago at the State Forest Campground. We were there for a family reunion, so there were ...

Roseau, Minnesota, Lights UFO Sighting - My car broke down one evening when I was traveling down 3rd Street NE. I had my cell phone with me, but unfortunately the battery was out for some rea...

Rochester, Minnesota, Aliens UFO Sighting - I was out walking in the forest near my home in Rochester one day last fall when I saw movement of what I thought was an animal, most likely a deer, a...

Champlin, Minnesota, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I was going to store it's 3 in the after noon when I saw one disc hovering east . I thought it was a jet at first then another one show up side by sid...

Saint Paul, Minnesota, Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting - Early 1970s, can't remember the exact year. Went out early in the morning to shovel some snow from the driveway. It was still dark out. I looked up an...

Duluth, Minnesota, Aliens UFO Sighting - In 1982 I was living about 10 miles outside Duluth, Minnesota with my husband. It was a bit isolated, I had neighbors but we were all surrounded by th...

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I'm from a small town about an hour's drive from Minneapolis. I don't want to tell you what town exactly because everyone knows me and I don't want to...
01/30-2014 - 1 comment

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oval Object UFO Sighting - Today is January 12th. It's 4 in the morning as I write this. I just witnessed a UFO. My dog started barking so I woke up. Thinking perhaps there was ...
01/12-2014 - 1 comment

Lutsen, Minnesota, Water UFO Sighting - I was down at the Lake Superior Shoreline near Lutsen, MN. I was just enjoying the very beautiful scenery when I saw something hovering above the wate...
12/07-2013 - 1 comment

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