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Murder during first Lapetus landing
A team of 127 people entered a lander to Lapetus today, but only 126 made it to the surface alive. U... read more
Titan receives first human settlers
A 242 man crew landed on Titan earlier today to make preparations for what will become the largest m... read more
Lander crashes on Europa killing all 387 on board
A lander carrying 387 people crashed during landing on Europa this morning. All 387 on board died in... read more
Enceladus landing
The first Saturn moon to be settled by humans is now officially Enceladus. 132 people landed on Ence... read more
King of Io moves into royal palace
King Bob I of Io has moved into his new palace. This is the first ever palace built on a world other... read more
Mercury landing ends in near disaster
Last night's first human landing on Mercury's north pole almost ended in disaster when a fire broke ... read more
Demonstration turns violent on Europa
What started out as a peaceful protest today in the Europa 1 base of Europa turned into a violent cl... read more
Martian penile explosions remain a mystery
The investigation into the gruesome wave of penile explosions that killed hundreds of Martians last ... read more
Lunatic declares himself king of Io
An insane member of the first crew to land on Io last month has now declared himself king of Io. The... read more
Mysterious penile explosions rock Mars
A mysterious wave of penile explosions is sweeping across the cities of Mars with alarming results. ... read more
Successful landing on Io
This morning's landing on Io by a crew of miners is a major milestone in space colonization. All the... read more
First Europa landing
The conquest of the Jovian moons continued today with the first successful landing on Europa. The la... read more
Accident kills 14 miners
Fourteen Ganymede miners were killed yesterday when the vehicle they were traveling in from their ba... read more
Ganymede landing ends in deadly violence.
The first human landing on Ganymede ended in chaos today as two senior crew members started fighting... read more
Captain Franco of Callisto injured in assassination attempt
Captain Franco who has been fighting a rebellion on Callisto for the last several months was injured... read more
Syphilis pandemic ravages Mars
Martian health authorities have upgraded the syphilis outbreak on the planet to an official pandemic... read more
Captain Franco seizes power on Callisto
Captain Franco who escaped from his mutineer captors just two days ago has now with the help of an a... read more
Captain Franco escapes
Captain Franco has escaped from his revolutionary captors and is believed to be hiding somewhere on ... read more
Revolution on Callisto
Callistans revolted against their leader this morning and took charge of the small colony. Captain F... read more
First landing and establishment of outpost on Callisto
Callisto today became the furthest outpost of human civilization after a successful landing by Space... read more

Bowler, Wisconsin, Orb UFO Sighting - I've been told many times that I'm crazy and stuff like that, but I know I'm not. I remember I was outside walking my sheep around the yard at night a...

Port Washington, Wisconsin, Aliens UFO Sighting - While I was sitting by a fire one night I got the feeling I was being watched. I looked up and saw a green faced alien with big black eyes just standi...

Green Bay, Wisconsin, Orb UFO Sighting - There were hundreds if not thousands of us gathered along the river between the Walnut and Main St. Bridges waiting for the fireworks to begin at 9:45...

Mellen, Wisconsin, Object UFO Sighting - I was on vacation with my family from Washington state, and we were heading home from Mellen following a meal at the local fish fry on the two-lane hi...

Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I heard an airplane but it was a small black figure going faster than an airplane and a different shape....
10/14-2020 - 1 comment

Genoa City, Wisconsin, Spinning Object UFO Sighting - One night I saw this spinning glowing object that I thought was a airplane when I realized it was round. I got up to take a closer look and saw two fi...

Bangor, Wisconsin, Dots UFO Sighting - In Bangor WI on Nov. 12 2019 I was 3 big orange dots that lit one at a time and was gone before I could record it....

Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Lights UFO Sighting - My woman and I were on a desolate dead end road just chilling in the back of the truck looking at the sky. We both saw the same thing. Three larger an...

Manawa, Wisconsin, Lights UFO Sighting - Ufo in the sky in Manawa by st Pauls....

Hartland, Wisconsin, Lights UFO Sighting - I was in Hartland WI. on a Tuesday night at about 11:30-12:00 am and I was walking to my car behind Hartbrook Mall when I noticed a light far over hwy...

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, Formation of Lights UFO Sighting - I've been seeing zigzag lights for about a week, different area every night, it seems to be the same formation....

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Landing UFO Sighting - In 1970 I witnessed a UFO landing. It was a bright round ball, looked to be roughly 50 feet across lowered itself behind the trees. I ran towards it, ...
05/07-2016 - 2 comments

Neenah, Wisconsin, Disc UFO Sighting - I just saw someone in New Berlin saw a disc. I saw a disc like that too here in Neenah. Maybe it was the same one. Either way it's crazy. Aliens in Wi...

New Berlin, Wisconsin, Disc UFO Sighting - I heard of the glowing disc from a coworker. I know he's not a crazy storymaker, he saw it and I trust his perception and word. Later I heard about it...

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Round Object UFO Sighting - I was driving down the road last night when I saw a bright round light moving around in the sky. The movements seemed erratic and random. It looked li...
04/21-2016 - 1 comment

West Bend, Wisconsin, Landing UFO Sighting - In 1985 a UFO landed a few miles from my home in West Bend. I didn't see the actual landing but I saw the lights from the UFO as it ascended to the sk...

Beloit, Wisconsin, Round Object UFO Sighting - This happened in October 2013 on a small road by Eastlawn Cemetery in Beloit. I was walking my dog as I usually do at 7:30 pm. When we came to the fro...

Janesville, Wisconsin, Disc UFO Sighting - I'm really worried now because I just saw a glowing disc UFO. I'm in Janesville and this just happened not long ago. A bright disc flew over my house....
02/13-2016 - 3 comments

La Crosse, Wisconsin, Disc UFO Sighting - Disc UFO sighted in La Crosse at 7:15 local time. A few of my coworker saw it, one of them took video of it and showed me on his phone. Really weird. ...
02/09-2016 - 2 comments

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lights UFO Sighting - I got a pretty good picture of those lights last night. I know a lot of people saw them. My wife and I ran out to look and my wife took this picture (...
01/05-2016 - 2 comments

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Round Object UFO Sighting - I looked out the window this morning and saw this round white object in the sky. I quickly grabbed my phone and took this picture of it. I called for ...
12/18-2015 - 2 comments

Waukesha, Wisconsin, Bright Object UFO Sighting - I was out for a late night walk last night with my wife enjoying a pleasant evening when we both spotted this thing that I took a picture of here. It ...

Kenosha, Wisconsin, Disc UFO Sighting - It has almost been three years since I saw what I believe to be a UFO. I was sitting on a bench and was enjoying such a scenery with my friend who cam...

Appleton, Wisconsin, Water UFO Sighting - I believe there might be an alien base of some sort on the bottom of Lake Winnebago. I have lived here my whole life and I have seen objects coming do...
02/12-2015 - 1 comment

Racine, Wisconsin, Water UFO Sighting - In May of 2010 I was boating with a friend in Lake Michigan a bit north of Racine. We were about a couple of miles off shore, we could see the shore c...

Green Bay, Wisconsin, Round Object UFO Sighting - I always sit and look at the stars when I'm outside smoking cigarettes at night so I know what's normal and what's not in the sky and what I saw last ...
09/05-2014 - 1 comment

Madison, Wisconsin, Lights UFO Sighting - I woke up this morning before the sun was up. Not sure what time is was but it was very early. I looked out the window and saw a light in the sky just...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Disc UFO Sighting - I know I should have submitted this earlier but about a year ago I saw a UFO here in Milwaukee. I was just out walking the dog when I saw a disc flyin...
02/23-2014 - 1 comment

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, Water UFO Sighting - In 2008 I went on a trip to Lake Winnebago. Just a little weekend trip to relax a bit. Well I got to see a UFO on my trip there. I was just looking ou...
12/21-2013 - 1 comment

Van Dyne, Wisconsin, Lights UFO Sighting - While my daughter and I were driving home a bright orange light in the sky captured our attention. Throughout the 15 minutes it took for us to drive h...

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Oval Object UFO Sighting - What I will tell you happened to me and a friend in 2002 on Lake Michigan a few miles into the lake east of Sheboygan. We were on a ride with my frien...

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