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Mysterious penile explosions rock Mars
A mysterious wave of penile explosions is sweeping across the cities of Mars with alarming results. ... read more
Successful landing on Io
This morning's landing on Io by a crew of miners is a major milestone in space colonization. All the... read more
First Europa landing
The conquest of the Jovian moons continued today with the first successful landing on Europa. The la... read more
Accident kills 14 miners
Fourteen Ganymede miners were killed yesterday when the vehicle they were traveling in from their ba... read more
Ganymede landing ends in deadly violence.
The first human landing on Ganymede ended in chaos today as two senior crew members started fighting... read more
Captain Franco of Callisto injured in assassination attempt
Captain Franco who has been fighting a rebellion on Callisto for the last several months was injured... read more
Syphilis pandemic ravages Mars
Martian health authorities have upgraded the syphilis outbreak on the planet to an official pandemic... read more
Captain Franco seizes power on Callisto
Captain Franco who escaped from his mutineer captors just two days ago has now with the help of an a... read more
Captain Franco escapes
Captain Franco has escaped from his revolutionary captors and is believed to be hiding somewhere on ... read more
Revolution on Callisto
Callistans revolted against their leader this morning and took charge of the small colony. Captain F... read more
First landing and establishment of outpost on Callisto
Callisto today became the furthest outpost of human civilization after a successful landing by Space... read more
Plans announced for Moon highway
Plans for a new lunar highway were announced today connecting the two main lunar bases with what wil... read more
Dictator of Mars quits disco
Sibongile Mugabe, also known as disco queen Marsalina Valentina announced today with a very heavy he... read more
First Martian car roll-off turns into blood bath
The first car rolled off the assembly line at the Zaporozhets Automobile Factory of Mars today with ... read more
Zaporozhets automobile factory to be built on Mars
In a joint venture between Zaporozhets Automobiles of the Soviet Union and Martian Automobiles Corpo... read more

Glendo, Wyoming, Lights UFO Sighting - We were driving down I 25 northbound around 1:30 am when I saw light above me hovering about 100-150 ft above us I woke up my daughter to look to make...

Cheyenne, Wyoming, Lights UFO Sighting - I was on a date with my boyfriend. We had snuck out one summer night and he took me to vedauwoo where we watched the night sky grow dark. Before we le...

Lusk, Wyoming, Spherical Object UFO Sighting - Was driving from Colorado to North Dakota and was between Lusk and New Castle. As I stared out the windshield a green ball of light appeared then shot...

Rawlins, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - I saw a disc and it was bright, so bright... It was quiet too, like a mouse... Flew right over my house last night. I bet others saw it, they must hav...

Green River, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - Last night I saw this light far away in the sky. It kept getting bigger and bigger and it was pretty clear that whatever it was was coming towards me ...

Evanston, Wyoming, Triangular Object UFO Sighting - I was just out in the yard last night having a few beers when I saw a giant triangular object pass through the sky. It was completely dark. Just a hug...

Jackson, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - Saw a bright light shaped like a saucer fly across the sky last night at 11pm. Don't know if anyone else saw it but it sure was weird....

Cody, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - No more than 10 minutes ago there was a disc shaped UFO flying over my neighborhood. I don't think many people saw it due to the early hour but if you...

Riverton, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - Just when I thought I'd seen it all I saw a UFO last night. A bright disc passed over my house yesterday just a few minutes to midnight. It was a few ...

Rock Springs, Wyoming, Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting - It was summer of 1988 and I had just moved to Rock Springs. I was out in the back yard one evening when I saw a cigar shaped vessel fly across the sky...

Cheyenne, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - I was out in the country a bit outside of Cheyenne last night with my wife when I saw this disc UFO in the night sky. My wife took this picture of the...
12/24-2015 - 6 comments

Casper, Wyoming, Dark Object UFO Sighting - We were on N. Poplar Street next to I-25 when we saw a dark round object flying extremely slow across Soda Lake at around 18:00 on a Thursday in Augus...

Casper, Wyoming, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I am not originally from Casper, but my UFO experience came from when I went to visit my aunt and uncle who live on 6 Mile Road in Casper. Their home ...

Laramie, Wyoming, Landing UFO Sighting - While travelling on 287 south of Laramie, Wyoming earlier this year I saw a UFO take off from a field next to the road. It was about midnight and I wa...

Casper, Wyoming, Disc UFO Sighting - In 1989 I was living in Casper, Wyoming for a few months for a job assignment. And in June of that year I witnessed a UFO in the sky. I was outside sm...

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