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Rocky Hill, Connecticut UFO Sightings

Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Lights UFO Sighting - In November 2015 I noticed what looked like a round bright object in the sky following me. This only happened at night. That was when I could see it. ...
01/01-2017 - 1 comment

4 miles away: Hartford, Connecticut, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I was in a car on the highway in Hartford in the early 1970s. 4 people in the car saw it. It was different than anything I ever saw before. It was the...

4 miles away: Hartford, Connecticut, Oval Object UFO Sighting - 30 years ago I saw a UFO here in Hartford, CT. It was in the spring of 1983 and I was out in the yard in the evening. I look up in the sky and see an ...


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