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Toms River, New Jersey UFO Sightings

Toms River, New Jersey, Abduction UFO Sighting - This really happened to me. I had been seeing strange things in the night sky for months before this happened to me. Most things you can dismiss as ai...
02/04-2018 - 1 comment

Toms River, New Jersey, Abduction UFO Sighting - I am being abducted by aliens on a regular basis. I live in Toms River, NJ and ever since I moved here almost 10 years ago I have been abducted a few ...
04/24-2015 - 2 comments

5 miles away: Lakewood, New Jersey, Lights UFO Sighting - I saw some really strange lights last night real late. It was after midnight and I was out smoking a cigarette before going to bed. I noticed a bright...


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