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Trenton, New Jersey UFO Sightings

Trenton, New Jersey, Lights UFO Sighting - I've seen a UFO here in Trenton, NJ. Right in my front yard. One evening 3 years ago I was coming home from work after getting off late due to some ur...
10/27-2013 - 1 comment

6 miles away: Morrisville, Pennsylvania, Cylindrical Object UFO Sighting - It was early 60s and I was early for the highschool dance to start. I was standing along the building when I saw it. It hovered for a few minutes then...

6 miles away: Morrisville, Pennsylvania, Metallic Object UFO Sighting - A couple of my friends and I were at Williamson Park at around 8:00 pm in June 2015 when we noticed a strange silver object hovering above the treetop...


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