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Newport, Rhode Island UFO Sightings

Newport, Rhode Island, Bright Object UFO Sighting - Last night about 1:30 am I was about to turn in for the night. I heard my cat scratching at the door so I opened the front door to let him in and I sa...
01/14-2014 - 1 comment

Newport, Rhode Island, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - A friend of mine has a place in Newport and I went to visit him this summer. We were out side that night having a barbeque and we saw a light in the s...

14 miles away: Warwick, Rhode Island, Lights UFO Sighting - These two lights were moving around in the sky randomly last night. I'm sure there were many people who saw it. It went on for about half a minute at ...
11/19-2015 - 5 comments


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