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Bronx, New York UFO Sightings

Bronx, New York, Lights UFO Sighting - Last night 2/14 I looked out and I saw these lights dancing in the sky. I went outside to get a better look and I counted 5 lights all in all moving a...

3 miles away: Yonkers, New York, Round Object UFO Sighting - When I went out walking the dog last night I noticed a bright ball hovering in the sky. It looked like it was about 30 feet in diameter and about 200 ...

5 miles away: Alpine, New Jersey, Boomerang Shaped Object UFO Sighting - Approximately 9:00PM - 9:10 PM On 9-W North (Ywo lane road along the Palisades Cliffs - NJ side of Hudson River) at The Thomas J. Lipton T Company, sa...


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