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Landing UFO Sighting from Ruby Mountains, Nevada 2001

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During an overnight hiking trip to the Ruby Mountains, Nevada back in '01 I saw what I believe may have been a spacecraft from another world. Let me tell you what I saw and if anyone has a different explanation for what I saw please feel free to post a reply.
I was camped out at high altitude, the sky was clear and if you've been there you know the stargazing there is second to none. I was looking at the stars when I noticed a light moving down at an angle. It was obvious
    that it was some kind of flying vehicle.
It landed on a nearby peak. It was obviously not an airplane judging from the way it landed and if it was a helicopter
I would have heard helicopter sounds. The landing site was about a quarter mile from where I was and with my binoculars I was able to make out that it's shape was roughly oval and about 30 to 40 feet long.
After a few minutes it took off again and flew away. It moved like a helicopter but without sound.
In the morning I hiked over to the landing site. It was a flat rocky area but I could not find any trace of a landing.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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