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Landing UFO Sighting from Ruby Mountains, Nevada 2001

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Hi Ruby Hiker,
I am a Close Encounter ET experiencer. I have a strong feeling about the Ruby Mountains area, not only because of star gazing, but there had been found in spirit cave a 7,500 year old mummy of Asian decent. See ancients had contact long before we have had contact. The area was lake filled with forests and animals, nothing like it is now. Please Facebook me and let me know exactly where you were, ''Supremely Divine'' or ''ET contactee experiencer journal'' and welcome to the club:) PS. Pay attention to your dreams or paranormal things that may be your guardians, they don't show them selves if they haven't already made contact with you when you were a child usually 3 to 5 years old.

Yep! Sounds like a sighting all right. Did you experience missing time? Was someone with you? Just curious. After you've had such an experience it's like you can't go home again. Your former concepts of alleged reality take a plunge.
No matter how you try it becomes more real than your usual surroundings which are suddenly dull by comparison. Just yakking here from experiences.


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