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Abduction UFO Sighting from Muskegon, Michigan 1992

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When I was a kid I lived in the woods north of Muskegon, Michigan. My parents still live there but I moved when I went to college. My event that I would like to report took place in 1992 when I was 16 years old. I woke up from it being very bright in my room. I thought oh well time for school and was going to get out of bed. That's when I realized I could not move. I was completely paralyzed. This freaked me out and I instantly became fully awake. I could move my eyeballs and
    I saw that there were people around me in my room. I instantly recognized these people as gray aliens from pop-culture.
I was never into UFOs and aliens and
such so this was definitely not a projection of some fantasy, it was the scariest thing I had ever seen. One of these aliens seemed to notice that I was awake and came up to me and gently put its hand on my forehead and after that I don't remember anything else. I guess this alien put me to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I had a bruise on my forehead where the alien had touched me.
I've always wondered if that was the only time they came to me or if it was just the only time
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