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Lights UFO Sighting from Gambell, Alaska April 2011

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My friend and I were riding around one night on an ATV around 12-1 am April 2011. We ran into another friend and stopped for a while to talk. I don't know if a sun in our galaxy is counted as a UFO. Anyway, we all looked up to see the stars, and we were looking at the stars shaped of a kite. I can't remember, but it was either the top right or bottom right of one of the stars from the kite that all of a sudden turned into a big fireball. We were staring at it as it turned into
    a big fireball, then it started moving to the right so fast away from the kite shaped stars. As it was moving fast away from the kite shaped stars, it also looked
like it was spinning so fast too. We could tell it was spinning because there was a tail on it, and it was spinning so fast while moving away so fast from the kite.

As it was moving away from the kite, it looked like it was going in a U movement. Because it went from turning into a fireball, then looked like it was coming straight for Earth because the fireball got more big, then it got smaller as it looked like moving in a U movement. Then as the star (sun) got smaller, the fireball dimmed
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