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Landing UFO Sighting from Tulsa, Oklahoma October 30 2013

I live in Ridgeway Heights just east of Tulsa, Oklahoma and behind my house is a field. Just the other night I was getting ready for bed. It was a bit after midnight and I looked out the window to the field outside my house. I couldn't believe what I saw, there was a UFO in the field. First I thought it was a prank by some kids but it looked too good to be made by kids. I called for my husband to come and see this but he was too deep asleep to hear me. The UFO was about the
    size of a small truck and oval, very much like a small jet without wings. I watched that thing for a few minutes and then a bright light came out below it and it
flew straight up into the sky.
I have place a webcam in my window and I am now monitoring the same area constantly. If anything shows up I will post updates.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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This Is Interesting... Good Luck Catching It On Your Webcam.


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