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Aliens UFO Sighting from Dekalb, Illinois June 1960

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In 1960 I was 16 years old and I lived with my family in Dekalb, Illinois. There was a field behind our neighborhood where my friends and I used to hang out. They have built new houses in the field now and it's part of the city but back then it was an open field. One night we were hanging out as usual. It was me, a girlfriend of mine, two other guys and one other girl. I won't put down their names here for a multiple of reasons. My girlfriend told me she had to pee so she went away to
    a nearby bush. Suddenly we heard hear screaming at the top of her lungs. We all ran to her as fast as we could. When we got there we could see a short human-like
figure running away into the field. She said when she got behind the bush that creature was there and it wasn't human. It had a huge head and huge eyes and long arms. It was about as tall as a 7 year old kid.
There was a lot of UFO hype in those days and we all knew right away that that creature was an extra terrestrial. I've spoken to people about this. Some don't believe me, some think I'm crazy, and some think we saw some kind of demon or ghost that night. Out of the 5 of us
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