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Landing UFO Sighting from Tuscaloosa, Alabama May 1989

If you're familiar with the Tuscaloosa area you know what the road to Fayette looks like. It's a rural road with mostly woods and some fields and a few small towns along the way. Well I was driving towards Fayette in May of 1989. It was pretty late, about 11 in the evening. I pulled over by the side of the road for a quick bathroom break when I saw a bright light coming from about 50 yards in the forest. I thought maybe I had startled some hunters and they were shining their
    lights at me. I figured no biggie and was about to get back in my car and continue my journey when I heard a clunking noises coming from where the light was. I
looked over and saw the light rising upwards. I couldn't see any detail because there were a lot of trees in the way. But when the light rose above the treetops I could see that it was a flying saucer. It was shaped like a disc and rose up from the forest. When it got a few hundred feet up it stopped rising and took off towards the south. I returned the next morning with a friend of mine to investigate the landing site but found nothing that would indicate a landing site in the area.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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