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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Rapid City, South Dakota January 2014

I'm not sure if I have seen a UFO or not but I'll tell you what I saw and you decide. I was in my yard behind my house. I looked up and there it was. It was oval and had things that looked like window covers but that could have been something else. It was as big as a school bus. It was in the sky about 2 or 300 feet up. After a few seconds it flew away, not very fast, about as fast as a helicopter would. It behaved much like a helicopter but had no rotors and most importantly
    it made no sound at all. If you've ever been under a helicopter you know what kind of noise they make but there was none of that. I would love some comments on
this. Thanks.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

Sounds amazing, I'd love to encounter something like this one day!

I witnessed a similar sighting but on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the summer of 2002, was asleep in my car and had to use the restroom, so I stepped outside and as I was relieving my self I heard the dogs on the reservation barking on I would say the south east part, so I looked up and saw something big floating across the sky flying in a north east direction and as it was flying all the dogs on the reservation were barking at it as it flew by! Funny thing tho, normally being raised in the city I would've been scared of seeing something like this but it gave me a feeling that it would not harm me.
    - comment by George S


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