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Brick Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Ogden, Utah January 12 2014

I saw something in the sky last night. It was like a big brick shaped thing. It looked to be about 100 feet long and was white. It was in the sky motionless. I called my husband to come out and check it out. He came out but he didn't make it in time; within a few seconds the thing just vanished like it just disappeared or turned invisible. Please tell me there were others who saw this.

    - Posted by Anonymous

    Comments and Replies:

Things like that have been spotted more and more frequently lately in different places. The shape varies though. The one you saw was brick shaped but others have been triangular or round.

There have been similar sightings in Delaware for some reason. It's far away but there might be some connection between the sightings.

Had the exact experience here in Melbourne, Australia a few years ago. Pure white brick dimensions turned invisible but 200-300 feet long. Very few of these seem to have been witnessed yet.
    - comment by Tom


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