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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Rapid City, South Dakota January 15 2014

This morning I saw a plane pass by in the sky which is completely normal of course and I didn't think much about it. But suddenly this plane just stopped in mid air and stood still. It stood still for about 10 seconds and then it went backwards a little bit and stood still again. And then it continued flying normally forwards and just flew normally after that. I know this sounds absolutely idiotic, planes can't doo things like that. This was a small Cessna looking plane, I'm
    not an expert on planes but it looked like a Cessna to my untrained eye and even I know Cessnas are not capable of things like that. Is it possible that this was
some type of alien flying machine disguised as an earthly plane in order to travel undisturbed? Please comment if you know anything about this. Thanks.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Make perfect sense. If you want to go undercover you would want to blend in and disguise your technology to look like local technology.


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