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Disc UFO Sighting from Austin, Texas January 20 2014

At first I thought I had lost my mind when I saw this but my brother saw it too so I will tell you about it. Last night I was out and I saw a thing in the sky that looked like a saucer. I told my brother to look and he saw it too. It was flying slowly across the sky, just cruising by casually. It was not a plane or anything like that. It made no sound at all.

    - Posted by Anonymous
Comments and Replies:

Don't worry you haven't lost your mind. UFOs are real.

Nope you are not losing your mind!!! Late one night I watched a military jet chase a UFO and it was almost more than my mind could handle at that time. I was with another person who also saw it it scared him so badly that he blocked it out because he could not deal with it.
Don't let it bother you because there are many more of us out there who know what we have seen.


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