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Aliens UFO Sighting from Baltimore, Maryland 1981

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  sad that in this day and age we still can't talk about these things without being ridiculed. There are beings visiting us, at least there were in 1981... I know because I saw it. Thank you for having this website where we can post our UFO experiences anonymously. Maybe if enough people come out we can have an open debate one day. As of right now if I chose to go public with this I would lose most of my friends, I would lose my job (I'm a teacher), and of course by losing my job
    I would go broke so for now I choose to be anonymous.
I have too much to lose by going public. I salute the brave people who have gone public with their experiences.
Maybe when I retire and I can no longer be fired from my work I will go public...

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I admire you for coming out and telling the public about your experience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the truth. People should be more open to extra terrestrial experiences. I too once saw something.
I believe it was a ship / saucer of some source. I didn't see any creatures though. The ship was just floating/circling very high up far up on top of the trees above the woods in my back yard. I was alone at the time and it was quite late.
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