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Aliens UFO Sighting from Tallahassee, Florida 2002

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When I lived in Tallahassee in 2002 I had a UFO experience that I will never forget. I lived on a street on the outskirts of town near the airport. My neighbor was an old lady who lived alone since her husband had passed away. One night I awoke to the old lady hysterically screaming. I feared the worst; I told my wife to call 911 and grabbed the biggest kitchen knife in the kitchen and ran over to her house.
I found her in her living room on the floor screaming that there
    were demons in her house. Ok I thought she'd finally lost it. But then I saw it myself. There was this figure crossing her hallway that I right away recognized
as one of those aliens with the giant heads and big eyes. I got so scared the knife fell right out of my hand. The alien ran out the back door and disappeared into the trees.
The police arrived a few minutes later and I told them that a stray dog had gotten into her house and scared her and everything was ok now. My neighbor didn't realize that that thing in her house was an alien, she kept insisting that it was a demon from hell. I moved about a year later and I don't know if she's
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