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Aliens UFO Sighting from Duluth, Minnesota 1982

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In 1982 I was living about 10 miles outside Duluth, Minnesota with my husband. It was a bit isolated, I had neighbors but we were all surrounded by thick woods. I grew up in a big city so this was a bit weird for me to begin with. Well one night I awoke to sounds from outside the house. I shook my husband and he told me to go back to sleep, it was just animals from the forest. I figured he's from around here so he's probably used to these kinds of things.
But I couldn't fall
    back to sleep so I decided to go and see what kind of animals were in our yard just out of curiosity. I tiptoed into the living room which faced the back yard and
had a switch for a backyard light. I went up to the patio door and put my hand on the switch and got ready. I figured once I hit that switch whatever animal will scatter right away so I will only have a second or so for my wildlife viewing.
I flipped the switch and I got the surprise of my life. There was a flying saucer in our yard. I got so scared I screamed at the top of my lungs. When I did I saw this creature that looked like a deformed child run awkwardly from the other side
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