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Lights UFO Sighting from Eugene, Oregon February 09 2014

Anybody else see those weird light in the sky last night here in Eugene? Three lights moving together really fast. Looked like airplane lights but way way faster. As fast as shooting stars.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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There have been other sightings just like yours if you look around the site. Three lights moving together.

Don't want to de-emphasize your concern, but military jets sent over Eugene/Springfield area can move exceedingly fast. During daylight hours they can be seen over Amazon Parkway area circling the sky or doing climbing maneuvers (like a fast elevator ride) and can disappear before you know it.
Stealth planes will be gone before you realize they have arrived. This said, it would be helpful if everyone gives a real clear description of what they are seeing. I too, have seen some very odd craft in the area late at night. Unusually illuminated from no one source flying at speeds too slow for an aircraft of such size at the altitude they are at. Not matching normal aircraft sightings, one might wonder why the silent objects don't drop like a rock. That's antigravity for you.


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