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Lights UFO Sighting from Brooklyn, New York 1984

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I remember about 30 years ago when I was a teenager and I was hanging out with my friends one night we saw these 4 strange lights in the sky that came in real fast from the side and then they stood absolutely still for about half a minute. And then they suddenly started moving again in the same direction just as fast. It was pretty late at night, probably around 2 in the morning on a weekday and not many people were up. We didn't hear anything about in the news so we assumed
    we were the only ones who saw it.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

It was in the early 80s that I saw something similar to what you saw. It was so late at night. I don't remember what time it was either. What I saw could be the same thing you guys experienced who knows? I actually saw 4 lights as well.
They stood still in the sky for what seemed like 30 seconds then moved fast from right to left and stood still again. Then they just moved super fast to the other side of the sky and just disappeared.
Cool experience.

Hello my mother shared an experience she had and it is identical to what you guys saw. It was in the 1960s in Brooklyn NY. She was sitting on the corner of her block at night with her friend. She looked up and saw curcular lights together hanging low and then disappeared.
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