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Blob Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Buffalo, New York 2014

While driving home late last night I saw an object hovering in the sky that looked really odd. I later realized that this was a UFO but when I first saw it I thought it was some type of advertising blimp. Its shape was weird, like an edgy blob if you can imagine that. It looked to be about the size of a bus or a truck and it was grey. It was just hovering there motionless.
I thought it was odd that they were flying an advertising blimp in the middle of nowhere in the middle
    of the night but I figured the people operating it were testing it for some reason.
Then suddenly the whole thing switched from a dull grey to bright orange
and sat there for another second. Then it suddenly flew away at a very high speed. In an instant it had gathered as much speed as a fighter jet. That's when I knew that this thing was alien.
Has anyone around this area or anywhere else for that matter seen anything like this?

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I saw something similar walking an overpass of the thruway some twelve yrs ago, I tried to report it but no one would listen to me.


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