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Aliens UFO Sighting from Richmond, Virginia 2014

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30 years ago when I was 11 my family and I saw a UFO. My sister saw it first. She looked out the window one night and said there were Martians in the back yard. She was about 3 so we all thought she was imagining things but my mom pretended to be curious about the Martians so she went up to take a look. She immediately called my dad and I tagged along too and we all saw a saucer shaped vessel in the back yard.
I didn't take more than a few seconds and then it lifted up and
    flew away. My sister said that she saw the ''Martians'' get in the spaceship before mom got to the window. Today she doesn't remember it anymore, she was too young
at the time of the sighting.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I have lived in Richmond for almost 25 years now. I like to spend time at night in my back yard looking up the bright sky and I have witnessed strange lights and objects in the sky around my home many times.
I'm not sure what they are but yes some of them have this dome shaped appearance. They flew fast from right to left across the sky. Sometimes they stand still for half a minute as if they were observing something.
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