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Changing Shape UFO Sighting from Riverside, California 1995

When I was in college in the 90s we saw a UFO once. It was late and we were partying and to tell you the truth I was not sober but there 6 of us who saw this and only 4 of us were drunk so it wasn't the beer. What we saw was really strange. It was a big ball in the sky, not too bright but bright enough to stand out. When we spotted it it was hovering in the air. Suddenly the ball stretched and turned into a stick shape and then it sat there in the sky for a few seconds and
    then it took off like a bullet.
If I had seen it alone I wouldn't have believed my own eyes but like I said there were 6 of us and we all saw the same thing.

- Posted by Anonymous

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Light sightings like this are pretty common. It could be an alien spaceship but it could also be some kind of military test.


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