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Water UFO Sighting from Sarasota, Florida 2013

This UFO sighting happened out at sea a few miles from Sarasota, Florida. I was out for a ride by myself last year and I had stopped the boat to just chill and relax for a bit, you know get your thoughts straightened out. As I was sitting there I noticed what looked like an orb of light hovering above the water about a hundred yards away from the boat. I thought it was very odd and didn't know what it might be. It was very faint and hard to keep track of with the eye. I wanted
    to take a picture but my phone was at the other end of the boat and I didn't want to risk loosing track of the orb while getting the phone so I just kept looking.
orb looked to be about the size of a volleyball. I kept watching this thing for a god minute when suddenly it shot straight up into space at a really really high speed. And then the really weird thing happened... a large number of additional orbs like the first one shot out of the water straight up into space in an perfect line. Looked like about 30 of them but it was impossible to count.
I stuck around for about an hour just staring at the water in case there would be more of them but no, that was it.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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