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Coverup UFO Sighting from Sioux Center, Iowa 1975

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In the 1970s we used to run around Children's Park and fighter jets from the Omaha or Sioux City AF base would periodically break the speed of sound over this specific park. Not a lot of people know what a ''sonic boom'' really is although they may have heard of it before. Anyway I remember running through the grass with my friends in Children's Park and suddenly ''WHOOOOSH KABOOOM!!!!'' We all yelled ''Sonic boom!! Cool man. '' It was pretty cool. It seemed like a couple of minutes
    went by, and we all got nauseated. To this day I do not know why, but the next thing I remember we were sitting on our steps and walked through the yards back to
the park.

One of my friends pointed to the sky and said ''there's going to be a sonic boom in a little bit. '' The funny thing was we all knew it was going to happen. No sound of any jets, nothing. It was like we were reliving it a second time, almost as if time stopped and rewound itself. Three of us pointed at the spot in the sky where it was going to happen. Seconds later, we heard the sound of a fighter, then ''Kaboom!'' Then we found ourselves pointing to the EXACT spot
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