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Lights UFO Sighting from Ukiah, California February 1973

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At the time, my Parents lived in Ukiah, and I was going to Santa Rosa Junior College.
I had worked at the Ukiah Thrifty Drug, on South State St. I used to come home on weekends, and then leave at ca. 8 p. M. On Sunday night. I used to stop by Thrifty on my way back to Santa Rosa, to see the Manager, about transferring to the Santa Rosa Thrifty.
Just as I was leaving the house, in Regina Heights, I could see about seven miles south, and saw what looked like two large lights
    over the freeway. I watched them for about 30 minutes before leaving; and they looked to be about 30 feet in Diameter each, one Red, and the other Green. I didn't
look like they had moved at all.
After leaving Thrifty, the lights were still where they were an hour before. As I got about two miles from them, I could see that they were ca. 30 feet above the ground, and ca. 30 feet in diameter. When I got about a mile away, I rolled down my window to see if they made any noise; and they didn't.
I slowed down from 55, down to about 25, and drove under the green one, which was over the slow lane of the highway. There was no sound, but kind
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