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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Macks Creek, Missouri 2012

Huge light over my head as big as football field as I was walking home from Moms, I live next door. We live in country, and it was dark no other lights around, then it flashed on and the light appeared to be as large as a football field and then rose up.

I ran back to get my mom's attention, as I had no camera on me, by the time she came out it disappeared, 15 minutes later 3 Jets were chasing something in area and I could see small lights in the woods going upward. There
    is nothing in our woods but hills , water, trees, and quartz.

Next day I went down into woods, and seen strange markings took camera. When I came back and
reviewed, it was noted by family that I stood frozen in one spot and didn't move for 5-10 minutes on film, which I did not remember doing and the camera was focused on the ground.

Happened in 2012

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I think I saw the same thing. I was out alone walking. I saw huge bright light not so far from where I was. First I thought it was some kind of show going on but after reading this report I am now wondering what it actually was. Ufo?


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