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Disc UFO Sighting from Encino, California 1962

It was in the spring of 1962, I was 10 years old and all of the neighborhood kids were into a very competitive game of kickball on Bromley St. In Encino, CA. In the northern skies we all noticed a saucer shaped object slowly moving west about 300 feet above the ground approximately 200 yards away.

It had red and blue lights around the outer perimeter that flashed in a circular matter. We watched it for several minutes as it picked up speed and left the area. We all told
    our parents who were very skeptical of our story.

Remember this was a time of a great amount of UFO sightings across the country. All of us kids were mesmerized
by what we saw and drew pictures of the UFO.... Only one of our teachers seemed to believe us.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Do you have a drawing of the UFO you could show us?


Here is a pix of a similar looking UFO but the UFO we saw had red and blue lights. Please contact me at garybradison @yahoo. com.
Submitted by: anonymous

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