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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Atlanta, Texas 2013

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My brother had called my mom out on the front porch to ask her what that strange light hovering right above the tree line was because it was moving up and down and had many colors flashing from it. It was no aircraft he had ever seen.
Mom was joking around and told my brother maybe it's a U.F.O... Lol. Well my brother had one of those laser lights and started flashing it at it saying well let's flash it back. What ever he did must have triggered it or agitated it some way because
    this large bright object flew right over the house shaking it and turning the back night pole light out because it was that bright it seemed as if it was daylight
outside in the middle of the night.
Craziest thing we ever experienced; we no longer flash lights or lasers in the sky at objects we know not what they are. No telling what they are liable to do next time. True story; we live in between Atlanta and Bloomburg in the middle of the woods are driveway is a quarter of a mile down in the woods. We have no neighbors or explanation of what occurred but would like to some understanding of it.
Happened in 2013

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