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Lights UFO Sighting from Providence, Rhode Island September 27 2014

My wife and I were walking back from Waterfire in around about way, walking next to the pavilion that outlines the burning of the Gaspee walking towards RISD/Heminways when some young guys were walking towards us asking what that was in the sky.

We turned and looked up and saw 3 burning orange lights (hard to say how high up they were) floating in a triangular pattern.... Two went on more over the harbor while one stayed and changed from flame-orange to white and slowly lifted higher.

    took a video of the last one (not very clear looking at it on my iPhone). A guy walking his dog also saw it and remarked it was strange. It wasn't big embers from
water fire (we were at least 100 yards away from the bridge that marks the end of Waterfire). Pretty strange.

On edge of the Providence River on S. Water Street
Saturday night, Sept 27 @ approx 8:30pm

    - Posted by Anonymous


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