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Disc UFO Sighting from Brooklyn, New York 1972

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In about 1972 my mother noted 3 flying saucers hovering over a parkslope neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. They had white lights going around the object in a circular motion. My mother called me and my brother to the 3rd story apartment window complex to 2 view about 100 feet soo clearly I could almost touch them! It was early evening still daylight out.
I was age 11 it was spring or summer again they were hovering and all of a sudden 3 military jets appeared behind the
    UFO's the UFO's took off and the jets followed all at a fast speed! Of course no mention of it in the news! Anyone else see this????

Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

I also saw a UFO (saucer shaped with lights around it) in Park Slope 1972 summertime early evening. I was among maybe 10 or 12. Kids gathered on 14th Street between 7th and 8 ave. By the armory. When it appeared above a very large tree and hovered there a min. or so.

Yes I lived in Parkslope Brooklyn at that time read the note before yours. I saw 3 flying saucers with white bright lights going around the objects! Everyone outdoors noticed and pointed at them! Thank you for sharing ur story! I knew there were others out there who seen this.
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