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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Urbana, Ohio May 08 2013

Off Rt 296.. At 4.30 in the afternoon bright and clear day.. The ship was a high polished silver.. Built like a small sub but still around 15-20 ft long. It hovered 200 ft above the trees for 7 seconds with no sound at all..
I looked back at the road because I was almost off the road.. Then I looked back and it was gone.. I could see in a 25 mile area.. No vapor trails or anything.. Just gone !!! .. I have only slept 3 hrs in 2 days after this..
Anyone else saw this ???
    Help I know what I saw .. And this is the first in my 52 years... I have a new outlook on life...
Happened May 8th 2013

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I saw something similar, what direction was it heading when you saw it . I was driving north in Union County . I saw it in the nw, only saw 2/3 of it, seemed a little bigger than what you saw. Front of it not visible, back part seemed see-through somewhat, no wings, tail section, cigar shaped, about 100 feet off ground and maybe 400 500 yards away .
I would guess total length 75 ft and 20 ft around day time, thanks.


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