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Coverup UFO Sighting from Brookfield, Missouri 1971

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In the early 70s we were going to the movie in Brookfield, Mo. On the highway 36, we saw other cars pulled over so we did too. People were pointing at the sky to the west. There was a UFO doing impossible maneuvers! Right angle turns and high speed stops and reverse with no slow down time.

Then a very bright 'spotlight' shone down onto cattle in a pasture. But one were harmed. Then the craft rose and flashed the beam of light in many directions. What was impossible was that at
    times, the light just ended in midair. Like it turned to ice or something and just quit.

Light coming down 200 feet and still shining but not reaching anything
solid to stop it. This lasted 45 minutes at least. We went to my parents and called Whitman AFB and they claimed to be on It. Nothing was in the paper, but dozens saw it. This was Oct or Nov 1971.

In Dec we saw the same large round craft with flattened top over power lines near our house, exactly half a mile away near Indian Grove, Mo. Our mailman lived closer and we called him. He was , Oh My God!! We again called AF with no result.

This went on at least for two months.
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