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Aliens UFO Sighting from Juiz De Fora, Brazil 1950

The story I will tell you is a story my grandfather told me before he died. My grandfather was a farmer and his farm was outside of Juiz De Fora in Southern Brazil. One night in 1950 a UFO landed in one of his fields and he decided to sneak out and look at it. My grandmother begged him not to go but he was too macho for his own good.
He snuck up as close as he could and saw alien creatures moving around the UFO. They spotted him and started moving towards him. That was the
    last thing he remembered. My grandmother saw the UFO leave a few minutes later and she ran out to him.
He was passed out on the ground and she had to drag him
back to the house. He was passed out for many hours before he woke up.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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