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Animal Mutilation UFO Sighting from Jutland, Denmark 2015

Friendly greetings to all. I live in the middle of what is known in English as Jutland which is in Denmark for all you who may not be so familiar with the area. I am a farmer and I have many cows, many many cows. For approximately 20 years now I have had strange things happen to my cows sometimes.
The first time it happened was in 1994 and it has happened six times since 1994. What happens is that I will go out and check on my cows and there will be a dead cow in the field. It's always
    a healthy cow and after examination it is always found that internal organs have been surgically removed from the cow and the cow has been sawn back together.
have set up a surveillance camera to try to catch what happens on video but so far I have no luck.
This cannot be the work of hooligans unless they are master surgeons and trust me the local hooligans here are not surgeons. I'm thinking it must be aliens coming here at night and doing some experiments on my animals.
I feel sorry for my cows but there's also an economic loss since cows are not cheap.
If anyone who is interested wants to come and investigate here on my farm I would be very happy to help. Just post a reply with your email and I will get back to you. Thank you.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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