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Aliens UFO Sighting from Wilmington, North Carolina 2011

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We had a UFO encounter of the 3rd kind back in 2011 in the backyard of my rural home a bit outside Wilmington, NC. I was asleep in bed and was awakened at around 3 am by noises from the back yard. I woke my husband up and told him we should check it out because I was too scared to check myself.
We both went up to the window and peeked out. What we saw was the most incredible thing ever. There were two aliens like the ones you see on TV. The small ones with the big heads and
    bug eyes walking around in our back yard. My husband thought it was a couple of teenagers joking around with costumes but they were very small. If they would have
been kids they would have been like 7 years old or so, not teenagers.
My husband still thought it was kids so he opened the window and yelled: ''Get the hell out of our yard or we'll call the police''. The two aliens looked towards us and there was a bright flash of light. That was all we both remembered. We both woke up on the floor at sunrise with the window wide open.
We went out in the back yard where we had seen the aliens and tried to find evidence of their presence
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