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Coverup UFO Sighting from Nauru 2015

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The best kept UFO secret in the world is the UFO hotspot on tiny Nauru Island in the middle of the pacific. There are sightings of flying objects almost every week ascending from the interior of the island where there used to be extensive mining operations a number of years back.
The sightings started soon after the mining operations stopped and have been going on ever since. This is one of the most isolated places in the world. It's a tiny island in the middle of nowhere with
    only a few thousand people on it. It is speculated that the aliens are using the abandoned interior of the island as an earth base.
As far as I know there haven't
been any sightings of actual aliens or landings which seems to suggest that they go undergrounds into some secret tunnel somewhere in the middle of the island.
I don't know why Nauru isn't getting more attention in UFO circles than it does. If you want to find out the truth about aliens you need to look at Nauru.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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