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Round Object UFO Sighting from Costa Mesa, California August 2014

Late last summer of 2014 I saw a large, bright light to the west. My ex was walking the beach on her nightly walk. I called her and asked if she saw anything in the sky towards Catalina Island? She said no. I swear I saw a bright Orange circle, then it would change to blue.
I saw two fast jets fly to it, then it looked like they circled it. As they were going around it, the ''Blob'' turned a bright red. The jets left, and the circle returned to a orange color.
My ex said I
    was crazy.... Until she got home and I told her to look out the upstairs window. She did, and her jaw dropped. It rattled her so much she call our police department.
didn't laugh. The lady on the phone asked '' Is it coming near us?'' and ''if at anytime it looks like it will attack us to call back''. This went on for well over 40 minutes. I believe now.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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