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Aliens UFO Sighting from Cargo Muchacho Mountains, Arizona 1990

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In 1990 I went 4-wheeling with a friend in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains outside Yuma, AZ. It was late afternoon and our Jeep broke down. We sat in the Jeep and waited for the next vehicle so we could get a ride back to town but it was too late in the day and no one showed up, it was clear that we would have to spend the night there and wait for the first vehicle in the morning. No big deal we had food and water.
We slept in the Jeep but we both awoke at around 2 or 3 in
    the morning to a hissing sound. It didn't sound like a vehicle or helicopter or anything else that could get up there so we got curious.
We got out of the Jeep
and walked towards the sound; it came from behind the first bend in the road. We rounded the bend and saw a flying saucer sitting there on the road right in front of our eyes. We both ran back behind the bend and decided to take a very careful look at it.
We snuck up as close as we could behind the rocks by the roadside. We found a good spot to spy on this thing. We saw three alien creatures entering the saucer through a door in its side. They were as tall as tall people; I always
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