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Aliens UFO Sighting from Virginia Beach, Virginia July 15 1995

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  They froze me, and I pretended to give in, go passive, until the let me go only to grab a knife try to stab the leader. Which is when they disappeared and I felt everything go black, waking up in my living room dressed, sitting up covered in sweat. My conclusion: the leader is potentially a fallen angel, the others: the smaller ones are avatars of sorts used by Demons. Read the book of Enoch, and the Book of Giants from the dead sea scrolls, we are not the first to have to deal
    with this.
Read history, and you will know this has been occurring through out human history. Now they want to make contact with these things: is NASA and the
DIA out of their minds? Its' like what Steven Hawkings said, an actual contact with them open, would be as dangerous to us as Cortes was to the Aztecs. .
    - comment by Concerned Former Resident


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