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Landing UFO Sighting from Siberia, Russia 2007

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In 2007 I was working as a consultant on a mineral resource development project in central Siberia. I was there for 8 weeks and in that time I had two UFO sightings. That's compared to zero for the rest of my life. This leads me to believe that this desolate region has a very high level of UFO activity.
The first sighting was not very sensational; it was a bright oval object in the sky that moved very erratically.

The other one was the really interesting sighting. I was out
    a few miles from base collecting some samples a few weeks after my first sighting. It was the middle of the day. I saw another oval object in the sky just like
I had seen a few weeks earlier, could have been the same one or one just like it, I don't know.
It was coming down and it looked like it was going to land. I lost track of it when it went below the trees but I could estimate its landing position pretty well. I hopped on the ATV and raced towards the landing site. I wanted to get there as fast as possible so I would get a chance to see this thing up close.
I got my camera out and set it to video and kept recording while I was driving
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