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Landing UFO Sighting from Siberia, Russia 2007

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  so I wouldn't miss a thing. When I got close enough I got off the ATV and walked on foot so I wouldn't scare them away.
There it was on the ground, the oval object. I got a better look at it now; it was the size of a van and had windows along the sides and was all white. I pointed my camera at it and noticed my camera had died. I got my phone out to take pictures but my phone had died too. Even my digital watch was dead. Everything electronic of mine had quit working.

    just a few seconds the object lifted off the ground and hovered a few feet over the ground for a moment, then it ascended and disappeared. After I returned to base
I asked if anyone had ever seen any strange things in the area but nobody had seen anything like that.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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