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Abduction UFO Sighting from Fairfax, Virginia 2015

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My wife and I have been getting nightly visits by aliens for some time now, possibly even abductions but I'm not sure about that. I am however sure about the visits. I awoke during one such visit not many nights ago and couldn't move. I saw three creatures in the bedroom. Two of them were examining my wife who was needless to say unconscious. I'm under the assumption that I was also supposed to be unconscious but awoke for some reason. That's all I could remember; I assume I slipped
    back into unconsciousness.
The next morning I told my wife about this and she in turn told me that she had had two similar experiences herself except then she
was the one awakening and seeing creatures examining me. She didn't want to tell me; she thought she was having nightmares.
Obviously these are not nightmares but are real occurrences.
Since then I have been placing grains of rice on the floor at exact locations and sometimes they have been disturbed during the night. We are having visitors who perform medical procedures on us without our consent. My wife and I are very uncomfortable with this but we don't know what to do about
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