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Aliens UFO Sighting from Las Cruces, New Mexico 1973

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This happened to me in 1973. I was out in the desert when I saw a very large football shaped object about half a mile from where I was. I decided to sneak up on it to get a closer look. I got to about one hundred yards before I decided I was close enough and still able to hide. I hunkered down behind some rocks and looked at the object very carefully.
From this distance I could see that the object had small round dark circles along the edge that I'm guessing were windows, but
    not necessarily. It had no other features at all, just big and light grey with the small dark circles along the edges.
After a few minutes a being came walking
from behind the object. He or she was a solid light blue and slightly luminous. This being had no features what so ever, it was very short, as short as a little kid. The best way to describe it was a very short person dressed completely in light blue glow-in-the-dark spandex.
I wasn't scared sneaking up on the object but when I saw this being I got really scared and I remember wishing I hadn't gone up close to see it but here I was.
A door opened down to the ground from the
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