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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from St. Anthony, Idaho August 2011

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We've lived in St. Anthony since the 1980s. This strange experience did not occur to us directly but to a family friend who was coming to visit us in August of 2011. He scheduled to arrive at our house at 20:30 on Friday, but he didn't actually arrive at our house until the next morning at around 6:00 am on Saturday. We tried to call him several times that night getting worried about his journey.

His cell phone was busy. We called his wife who was working that night,
    and she said she didn't hear from him either. When he got to our home he looked extremely tired and confused, and he didn't say much. He was very sleepy, so we
told him to just take a nap for a while before we could catch up.

He slept all day, and when he woke up at 5 pm that evening he started to tell us about his journey. He said he was driving on US 20, and when he was about 15 miles before he got to St. Anthony he saw from his rear view mirror a very big bright light ball hovering very low behind his car, and it just got brighter and brighter.

It was so bright he couldn't see anything else around him. And that was the
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